LULAC Convetion 2018

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July 30, 2018
LULAC National Convention  and  Elections 2018 -  Phoenix, Arizona
The 89th LULAC National Convention took place July 17 - 21 in Phoenix Arizona.  LULAC Ohio sent 16 delegates from Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus.  We were very proud to have seven Young Adults attend the convention.  We are confident that the skills they learned and the exposure they had will benefit LULAC in the future.
The Convention offered many educational programs and brought re-known speakers such as Nasa Astronaut (retired) Jose M. Hernandez who gave an inspirational speech at the Collegiate dinner.  He spoke of perseverance which is key for fulfilling our dreams.  Anna Navarro spoke at the Women's luncheon.  Anna is a strategist and political commentator for various news outlets including CNN, NBC and Telemundo.  She gave a powerful speech encouraging us all to Vote in the next elections if we want to make changes to the current administration.  Joe Biden’s speech at the Presidential Banquet was inspirational and thought provoking.  We all need to get involved and take action to make positive changes in our communities.
On the final day of our LULAC National Convention, we had our annual election of executive board officers.  The day was full of speeches, parliamentary discussion and voting. 
Our dear friend, Darryl Morin, did not win the election for National President but we have high hopes that he will continue in a leadership role and become our national leader in the future.  We will have high expectations of incoming LULAC National President Domingo Garcia.
Our new National Vice President for the Midwest is Jose Lopez.  We are looking forward to working with Jose on regional issues impacting our community!
Our next step is to mobilize the Latino Vote for the midterm elections!

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