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September 08, 2017
LULAC opposes President Trump's decision to end DACA.
Trump broke his promise to act ‘with heart’ towards the ‘incredible kids’ protected from deportation under DACA. Dreamers are law-abiding young people who bravely emerged out of the shadows, registered with the government, and pursued higher education. Many of them have served in our military, defending our country and our freedom. They fought for us and we must fight for them. These bright young minds make our communities better and our economy stronger, contributing to the growth of our country’s GDP and benefiting all Americans. Deporting DACA recipients could cost the federal government over $60 billion and reduce our economic growth by $280 billion over the next decade. Rescinding DACA is both cruel and bad economic policy.
The President has yet again acted as a catalyst for widespread fear in Latino communities and across the country. Ending DACA just days after issuing presidential pardon to racist convicted criminal Joe Arpaio demonstrates moral bankruptcy and sends a clear message that this Administration does not care about Latinos.
Americans deserve leadership, which upholds our nation’s values and promotes unity over division. Therefore, we are calling upon Congress to pass the DREAM Act immediately. Congress has the power and obligation to reject the President’s decision and instill hope back into our communities. We are also calling upon President Trump to reconsider his decision and to provide flexibilities for DACA recipients to pursue other immigration avenues. In an era where Latinos are forced to live in uncertainty and fear, it is time for our lawmakers to step up and pass a permanent solution to our country’s broken immigration system. Dreamers are America’s children and we will continue to fight until they are given a path to citizenship.
Lourdes Ribera
Deputy State Director - LULAC Ohio


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