LULAC Ohio State Assembly and Elections 2016 - Columbus, Ohio

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June 20, 2016

Dear LULAC Ohio Board and Council Presidents:
Thank you for attending our LULAC Ohio State Assembly and for participating in the 2016
elections.  For those of you who will not continue on the Board in 2016, thank you for your contribution and for furthering LULAC in your communities.  For the new members,welcome to the Board.   A special congratulations to our  new Ohio  State Director, Laura Moese.  I have know Laura for the past 30 years working at P&G and I am confident  Laura will do a wonderful job leading this organization.
For me this transition has been  an emotional experience.    I served as your State Director for the past 4 years and now it is time for me to step down.  I have enjoyed working with everyone and I feed proud of all  the thinks we have accomplished together.    Fortunately, I am not going very far, I will continue supporting the organization as your Deputy State Director and helping Laura in her new role.
Here is the line up for 2016:
State Director:  Laura Moese
Deputy State Director:  Lourdes Ribera
Deputy State Director of Women's Issues: Alicia Pagan
Deputy State Director of Young Adults:  Sommer McGuire
Deputy State Director for the Elderly:  Claudia Cortez
State Treasurer:  Damon DiBari
Appointed Positions:
State Secretary:  Stephanie Patino-Garfias
State Parliamentarian:  Maritza Motino
State Director of Civil Rights:  Jessica Ramos
State Director of Health:  Dan Almaguer
State Director of Technology:Jose Monegro
 Public Relations Advisor:  Felisa Insignares
Thanks again for your hard work and commitment to LULAC.
All the best,

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