Families Belong Together

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August 01, 2018

Families Belong Together

Imagine being outside for over an hour with no shade and the temperature being over 100°F. That's what a group of LULAC members including myself did in Arizona this past July 20th at the 89th LULAC National Convention.  A group of over 100 Members protested outside an Ice Detention Center that is currently holding children that have been separated from their families. Together we marched outside in support of our Latino brothers and sisters to show them our support. 
It was heartbreaking to be so close to the children and not be able to embrace them and tell them that we are fighting for them to be back with their families.
The demonstration was led by the current National VP for Young Adults, Andres Rodriguez, who stated  “One of the main reasons we organized this demonstration was to show Phoenix and the rest of the country we will not give up on the innocent children that have been separated from their parents as they seek a better life in the United States.”
LULAC represents action and that’s what we wanted
people to know. This demonstration was just a preview of the demonstrations we are organizing for communities around the country.”  
We had more than 100 members attend and no matter how hot it was, we were there to not only show our support for these children and their families , but to also protest the injustice that is being done by our current  Administration.  Before the arrival at the detention center, we had a brief “Know your rights” session because we also wanted to inform our members of what to do if they were approached by any police officials. Thanks to all the hard work done by a small team that worked day and night, we were able to have the local news, as well as reporters from Telemundo and Univision, attend the demonstration.


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